After extracting the wisdom teeth, the patient has to avoid foods that are difficult to chew, spicy, or crunchy. Such foods have chances to prevent healing and cause more pain. It is not must to stick with one or two kinds of foodstuff as some patients do. Some people may eat ice cream or milkshake for a long time after removing their wisdom teeth. The excess sugar in milkshake and ice cream will make them feel unpleasant, and they would not wish to take those foods in the future.

A reputed locum tenens dentist suggests excellent food ideas based on their knowledge and experience. Locum tenens dentist work on several temporary assignments in various settings. They are used by several military facilities, correctional facilities, community health centres, hospitals, private practices, and dental clinics.

Mashed potatoes: It is easy to consume. It can be topped with butter, sour cream or gravy for more variety. Ensure to mash the potatoes well since the patient could feel easy to eat especially after tooth extraction. If possible, you can also consider sweet potatoes.

Milkshakes: It is easy to drink or eat. It is the best choice where you can drink immediately after the procedure. It is best to add meal replacement powder, GNC protein mix or instant breakfast packet. Do not use a straw. It is dangerous after tooth extraction. If you are going to order from a restaurant, you can get a spoon instead of straw.

Assorted fruit and berry smoothies close up

Assorted fruit and berry smoothies close up

Fruit smoothies: Frozen or fresh fruit with along with ice and yogurt remains as a nutritious, cold and healthy drink. If necessary, you can add additives or protein powder to improve the nutritional value.

Ice cream: It is best to eat soft serve ice cream. It is best for the first few days of the wisdom tooth procedure. Ensure to avoid the cones. Some ice cream shops offer ice creams in a cup.

Instant pudding: It is another simple food to eat. It is easily available in a variety of flavours. Some people will feel bored up eating sweet drinks and foods. In such scenario, they can try the lemon flavoured pudding. It will not be very sweet.

Drinks: All kinds of beverages are acceptable. The physician may say you to avoid alcohol since it can reduce the effect of pain reliever. It is necessary to avoid cold water as it has chances to increase pain.

Instant oatmeal: When you include fruits in oatmeal, it can remain slightly chewy. It is simple to eat. You can also consider the instantaneous cream of wheat as it is also simple to eat.